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Computer Chip. The Most Common Computer Problems – What You Can Do (Computer Problems)

No one likes dealing with computer problems. Even the smallest issue can slow down your efficiency and cause stress. Computer problems can range from minor issues like slow response times to major issues like hard drive failure. Curious to know what some of the most common computer problems are? Here are a few examples and what you can do to help.

It Won’t Start – The Hallmark of All Computer Problems

There are many reasons your computer won’t start. When this happens, there is usually a power supply issue. First, check to make sure your computer is plugged into a power outlet. If your computer was without power for several days, you might need to wait 10 minutes after plugging into power for any signs of life. Another issue might be the battery. If your battery cannot transfer energy, then connecting to a power supply does no good.

Blank Screens, Broken Dreams

Sometimes your computer will start but the screen is blank. Blank screens are often blue or black. These are frustrating because you know your computer can turn on, but you cannot access programs or files. One solution is to check if the monitor is plugged into a power outlet and the computer itself. Sometimes cords get loose and come unplugged. Laptops are a little trickier. If you cannot get past a blank screen, consult a professional for help.

Computer Problems Exacerbated with a Slow Machine

No one likes to be kept waiting, especially when expecting computer software to work quickly. There are many reasons your computer is slow to respond. Sometimes, the hard drive is nearing capacity. You can easily check your hard drive’s storage, as well as remove unwanted files from the hard disk. Additionally, be mindful of how many programs you are running at one time. Running multiple programs takes up precious memory and overworks your CPU.

Computer Problems Surprise – Overheating

Overheating is an easy computer problem to catch, especially if you have a laptop. Computers generate heat during operation and need a cooling system to counteract the process. If you find your computer overheating frequently, check to see if there is a fan. The fan might be broken or not starting. If your computer or laptop does not have a fan, you can purchase one to help the cooling process.

Computer problems are stressful, but the good news is that you can diagnose and fix many issues yourself. However, we know that having professionals investigate your computer problems can bring peace of mind. Computer Chip is a full-service computer repair company in Forth Worth, Texas. Our technicians have years of experience getting computers back to full strength. Visit our website or give us a call today at 682-233-1191.

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